Would Vladimur putin be a very Great US president if only he was born in America and speak english?

Better than our current Know nothing chief in office?

Love him or hate him you gotta admit he knows how to get things done, he knows how to be leader and stand up for country and show what mother russia is all about and mother russia aint nothing to play with, and thats the person we need to be president, i would be glad to have him as president of the US instead of the current Know nothing in office, what about you?

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  • Judith
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    7 years ago
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    Any president would get things done if they allowed assassinations of people who don't agree with him as Putin does. Do you not read? Because if you do you would know that Russians don't have nearly the freedoms we do here in the US. Since Putin has been in power several Russian journalists have been killed because they've written negative articles about Putin.

    In fact just today (Feb 28) there is an article on AOL News about a man who opposes Putin who has been placed under house arrest for two months and forbidden to use the media or internet.

    He was President of Russian then Prime Minister and then President again. While he was Prime Minister he still led the country- it was his way of maintaining power in spite of term limits which were every 4 years but he has now changed to every six years. When his current six year term is up I wonder what he'll think of next to keep power.

    Most of Russia protested when he became President the last time to no avail. Even though Russia is now supposedly a democratic country - it isn't in reality. It has become an authoritarian government with Putin has its head. I happen to think that he is an evil man with a good New York PR firm who is doing a good job in trying to improve the image of a man who was once high up in the KGB.

    You really need to start doing some research on the man instead of responding to the image of the man. Just reading Wikipedia would be a good start.

    I'm not saying that Obama is doing a good job; I'm just saying that the last thing America needs is an authoritarian e.g. as Putin leading the country.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Obama (swt) proved that you do not have to be born in the US to be President of the US.

  • Bill
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    7 years ago

    we could elect him now that we know you don't have to be a US citizen.

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