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如果有負面或冷酷那種的. 更好˙-˙

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    cool►NOT FRIENDLY 不友好的◄ behaving in a way that is not as friendly as you expect 冷漠的; 冷淡的

    Her gaze was decidedly cool . 她的凝視顯然是冷漠的。


    The boss didn ' t actually say anything critical , but he was very cool towards me . 老闆實際上並沒有指責我甚麼﹐但是對我卻很冷淡。

    cold►LACKING FEELING 缺乏情感◄ lacking normal human feelings such as sympathy, pity, humour etc 冷漠的﹐冷酷的

    a cold , calculated murder 一宗冷酷﹑預謀的謀殺(案)

    He ' s a very cold man , very aloof and arrogant . 他是個冷漠的人﹐難於接近﹐而且十分傲慢。

    UNFRIENDLY 不友好的◄ unfriendly and behaving as though you do not care much about other people 冷淡的﹐不友好的﹐不熱情的

    Martin was really cold towards me at the party . 那次聚會上﹐馬丁對我十分冷淡。

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    Callous (翻議:冷酷)


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    那就corruption吧 ˊ3ˋ

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