acceptance into Rutgers ITI major?

so I got accepted to Rutgers and I am most likely going in the fall. I want to be an Information Technology major and noticed that is has a competitive admission. does anyone know if it is it difficult to get in and what happens if you don’t? Like can you reapply or did you just pay all of that tuition money for no reason.Their website is kind of unclear.

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  • 7 years ago
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    Hi Becky

    Yes it is competitive but without knowing your SAT/ACT score and academic GPA, there is no way to gauge if you will make it.

    But there are lots of majors at Rutgers. Anything in STEM [except biology which is way overcrowded], health care, business, and IT is a qualification for employment.

    If you apply for ITI, go ahead and take general education courses and get very good grades. After you earn about 30 credit hours, apply again.

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