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How much do I feed my 6 month old dwarf lop rabbit?

The get said 1/4 cup per

5 pounds but she's only 1.4grams the vet said 1/8 cup of pellets and unlimited hay. I also gave her 2 little pieces of a carrot for her first time. Is this okay? Should I change the diet? Is that to much for her? Theirs nothing left in her bowl accept hay

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    More hay. The amount of hay you give her should be well over what can fit in a 'bowl.' You want to refresh the hay at least twice per day to encourage more hay eating.

    Carrots should be considered treats (like fruit) and should be fed sparingly. It's more important to include greens as a regular part of her diet. The treats aren't necessary but just a fun extra.

    Introducing greens should be done gradually to prevent stomach upset. I have a guide on my site for introducing greens.

    Your bun is just entering the adult stage, so her diet should reflect that.

    (BTW, I think you must have had a typo on your bunny's weight -- 1.4 grams is about the weight of a paper clip.)

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    I have a dwarf mix breed of rabbit, i give him 1/8 cup every day so if you dont have a measurer cup then i use 2 tables spoons that is the same as about 1/8 cup. Dont feed carrots everyday your rabbit will get diebetes and you will have to spend a fortune on treatment every month.

    I hope i helped! Remember - fresh greens, 2 table spoons of pelets and hay all they want.

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    For one this little 1/8 cup a day is plenty, The bulk of her diet should be hay. A small slice of carrot a day is enough. You can also add fresh greens starting with one at a time adding variety and quantity over a period of a few weeks. Parsley is a good fresh herb/green to start with. You can get up to a cup or so a day.

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    This is an complete article on a bunny's diet, this is exactly what I feed my bunnies! :)

    You can email me to if you have more bunny questions. I'll reply ASAP. Don't hesitate! :D

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