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what are the uses of sulphathiazole ointment?

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    Sulfathiazole ointment is a sulfa-drugs used to treat infection. It is sometimes toxic to mammals, although not as toxic as dying of an infection. Other antimicrobials are now used except in very rare cases. AND

    In the USA, it was used in the 1930-1960 :

    "Sulfathiazole administered orally, or parenterally as its sodium salt, is effective in the treatment of many serious infections. Sulfathiazole administered locally in an ointment base should be effective in the treatment of pyogenic cutaneous infections."

    1941 article in the Journal of the A\merican Medical Association

    It is still used in the Mexican pharmacopia:

    "Sulfathiazole in the local application on susceptible microorganisms produce a bactericidal effect. It is usedsuccessfully to treat infections caused by streptococci andstaphylococci, as prophylaxis in traumatic wounds, open abscesses, boils and various skin infections caused by bacteriasensitive to sulfa drugs."

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