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Anonymous asked in Society & CultureReligion & Spirituality · 7 years ago

Why did the Roman Catholic Church set up the Council of Trent?

What was it's exact purpose? I understand it was for the counter-reformation, but what did it exactly do?

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  • Tiger
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    7 years ago
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    The Council issued condemnations on what it defined as Protestant heresies at the time of the Reformation and defined Church teachings in the areas of Scripture and Tradition, Original Sin, Justification, Sacraments, the Eucharist in Holy Mass and the veneration of saints. It issued numerous reform decrees.[3] By specifying Catholic doctrine on salvation, the sacraments, and the Biblical canon, the Council was answering Protestant disputes.[1] The Council entrusted to the Pope the implementation of its work; as a result, Pope Pius IV issued the Tridentine Creed in 1565; and Pope Pius V issued in 1566 the Roman Catechism, in 1568 a revised Roman Breviary, and in 1570 a revised Roman Missal. Through these the Tridentine Mass was standardised (named after the city's Latin name Tridentum). In 1592, Pope Clement VIII issued a revised edition of the Vulgate Bible.[4]

    It basically laid the foundation for all the lies this church later has followed. Not Sola Scriptura but Sola Pope and Sola Tradition.


  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Well then you understand everything that I would tell you before I would have to do the research.

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