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How many acres per miniature horse?

I live in Bucks County PA and i was wondering how many acres you have to own if you wanted to own a miniature horse. I am looking into purchasing one to use as a service horse and would prefer to keep it in my house ad much as possible. I have a decent sized back yard, enough for my Great Dane.. So why not a pony thats smaller that my dog?!

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    Just go to your county seat and ask you local AG officer, she or he will know and they will also need to know the zoning of your land. When my sister lived in PA it was 1,000.00 fine per livestock kept on land not zoned for livestock. Otherwise it could be 1.5 acres to 2 acres. You could call the zoning commission of your county to find what your land is zoned as.

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    About half a acre to one acre. Horses need loads of space. It would be better to get 2 ponies because the first one will get quite lonely

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    Ideally you want an acre per horse, so half an acre per pony.

    The pony can be used as a house pet, but they prefer to be outside as much as possible. Even here in -15 degree weather my horse has to be out at least 8 hours a day.

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