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can someone tell me what is this boat (make/model)?

It's so New England, so prep, so Kennedy family, so!!

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    The launch in your picture is a 2003 Stan-Craft Torpedo.

    The vessel's name is 'Tomahawk'.

    It is 28 feet in length and is fitted with a V-10 550hp Dodge Viper inboard engine marinized by Ilmore. Its identification number is AG28R and it is currently on the market with the Sierra Boat Company of Carnelian Bay, California at an asking price of $250,000 which includes a tandem axle trailer.

    It has a beautiful, 'beaver' stern which is developed from an almost flat (very low deadrise) 'skiff' underwater profile, making it suitable for fast planing on very calm water. (So not a vessel for high speed in choppy conditions!)


    See also:

    And (Stan-Craft Torpedo, more powerful Ilmore):

    Youtube thumbnail


    Edit: Screenshot uploaded for 'reference' (in case they sell it!)

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    rather looks like a RIVA to me, arguably the rolls royce of motor boats, made in Italy

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    It is what we used to call a "Slipper" boat.

    Great for days out on the river and having a pick-nick on a grassy river bank.

    The genuine rticle is hand built out of timber to very high specifications. They are usually one of and are not mass produced.

    Great fun they are to.

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    Chris-Craft or Century ? You will have to check the title for facts !

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