what kind of keyboard should i get for producing?

im 17 going on 18 and and my dream is to become a musician. i already play the guitar, bass and drums but i want to take up the keyboard now. im really into and plan on making alternative/experimental rock, jazz, and mainly hip hop. now im just looking for a good keyboard that will suit me in my music production. i need a key board that is beneficial for people that are just starting to play, but also turning they're ideas into music. im not trying start off using any music software im just trying to make a beat on the keyboard and then just put it on my computer and then from there, the internet. im still learning my ways so thats why im avoiding music software's for now. i've been looking at the Casio CTK 4200 but im not really sure if that is the right one for me, and the highest ill pay for a keyboard is $200. so please anyone who is familiar with this stuff help me because i really am trying to learn and make the music that i want to make and also im avoiding those keyboards that are meant for playing along with songs that are built into the keyboard, please just give me a helpful answer no bull crap! i would greatly appreciate it.

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  • 6 years ago
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    Hey John,

    My name is Clark from http://learnhowtomakebeats.com. Well the first question you should ask yourself is whether you want a midi controller, or a keyboard. A controller hooks up directly into your computer via usb. A keyboard rather, would need to have midi ports, and hook that up to an external sound card like an "m audio fast track."

    Here's a list of Midi Controllers priced from lowest to highest at Musiciansfriend.com:


    Make sure you get one that's at least velocity sensitive. That means when you press harder its gets louder, and when you press softer the volume is lower.

    As far as just making a beat on a keyboard, you wont get one that can do that for under $200. Its just not going to happen. I've personally only seen that on keyboards that cost at least $2,000.

    I recommend using "fl studio". Plenty of people get it for free even tho that would be pirating, but so is downloading music. lol.

    I use FL studio personally and I love the program. Its easy simple and gets the job done really well.

    If you get a midi controller, you can hook it up to your computer and it will be recognized by fl studio.

    I hope that helps you get started in the right direction.

    If you need some professional loops for you beats visit:


    Or you can check out my beats at http://clarkmakehits.com

    or do both :)


    -Larrie Boyle aka Clark Make Hits

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