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How do I transform biracial hair, that is straight to the natural curls? PLEAZE HELP!?

I am mixed my Mother is white and Dad is black. When I was younger about 8 years old I started to put perms in my hair, and eventually there where NO more curls. But know that I am older I have realized that I want my natural curly hair back. So now when I wash my hair it turns out to be straight but still has waves but not deep waves also my hair is a little straight when I get out.

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    Well, perms don't change the essential texture of your hair. Once a perm's grown out, it's gone.

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    Go on Google and type in "Going Natural".

    The term "going natural", is a process of basically not perming your hair anymore, and as your natural hair grows, then you should start cutting of the permed ends.

    But google and Youtube it. There's a lot of black women going through the same thing and there's many information, videos, and blogs that cater to this.

    You seem very clueless, so please go and enlighten yourself on this subject via Google and YouTube to ensure that your doing it the right way and your hair will be healthy and beautiful before, during, and after the process :)

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    I think you'd probably need to grow out new hair and cut off the straight part. Other than that, you can just stop using any heat on your hair, use deep conditioning treatments and conditioner. And quit using sulfate shampoos more often than twice a week.

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    you need to cut your hair all of and start new or trim it to where its curly and let it grow out :/ it sucks but I did it and now it looks great

    no more perms

    no heat

    no weaves

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