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What is the best military option for me?

I am currently a senior (last semester) in Political Science with a GPA of 3.25 from a top public university. Due to me always working, I was not involved in many student organizations, but I do hold two important job positions on campus. I owe about 30k in student loans. This is one of the many reasons I am interested in joining the military, but do not know which option would be best for me. Hopefully getting some answers from the list below would help guide me through a decision.

1) How hard would it be for me to be accepted in OCS for the Navy, Army, and Air Force?

2) What officer MOS are eligible for Student Loan Repayment and bonuses for signing? As well as how much?

3) If I was to enter as an enlistee with a bachelor degree, what would my options be from there in terms of becoming an officer?

4)If a MOS is eligible for Student Loan Repayment is it also eligible for signing bonus? I saw this list online and was interested in this MOS, Cryptologic Technician – Interpretive (CTI-ATF) $10,000. According the website it is both eligible for the SLR and signing bonus.

5) If you are Cryptologic Technician, can you tell me more about it in terms of what I can't find on the internet.

6) At MEPS you choose your job correct? This is based on the options they have available? For instance if I joined as an enlistee and wanted the MOS from above, what would happen if it is not available? Can I wait to choose or have to choose then?

Any additional advice would be greatly appreciated. I want to join the military for multiple reasons (leadership, adventure, etc.), but I also want to receive the best incentives for joining. This is why I am slightly interested in Cryptologic Technician it seems it can be useful in the future.

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    1) Only STEM degrees, medical degrees, and law degrees hold weight. This wont prevent you from OCS/OTS however, just realize they are very competitive, and your gpa is a bit low. Your extra-curricular activity will definitely help you.

    6) If you are Army, you will be able to pick your job from what is available the day you attend MEPS. Whether your top choice is available is luck of the draw. Your recruiter can also pull a job prior to attending MEPS, however the selection at the recruiter's office is smaller than what you would have at MEPS.

    Nobody can force you to pick a job when when you go to MEPS. However it is possible you may need to find another recruiter since they would have to stick their neck out for you to send you a bunch of times since you have basically proved to him that you are unreliable ("one-job-wonders"). Today with the bad economy there is no shortage of willing recruits who would take the first job the councilor offers them. Make sure you have a few backup options in case your first choice isn't there.

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