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Do you think that SB1062 in AZ would allow Places like Chick fil a to not serve gays?


@ U_bin_ called, I see the distinction, which is why I'm asking the question. I'm wondering how many people understand what the law would actually do.

Update 2:

U_bin_called, Your's is probably one of the best explanations of the law that I've seen. You and I are on the same page.

Update 3:

@ Charlie, is it open minded to sue some one who will happily do business with you except when they feel it violates the religious beliefs? That is what has been happening.

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    no.... but they could not be sued for refusing to open on Sundays or cater a gay event..

    ...see the distinction there?

    try this...

    Bob goes into a Kosher deli and asks for one corn beef sandwich and one BLT with Swiss... the owner says "I can give you the corned beef, but I don't carry pork products or serve meat with dairy..".

    Tim goes to a bakery and ask for a loaf of bread and a quote for a cake for his gay wedding... the baker says "I can sell you the bread, but I'd rather not participate in your wedding"

    Bob & Tim ask "why not" to the respective which both reply "my religion."

    Both Bob and Tim sue the business owners... Bob's case is dismissed, Tim's case is heard and he wins a large settlement...

    Think this is unfair? If so than you support the AZ Bill

  • 6 years ago

    How old are some on here? I watched all the facts and all the experts on the subject of alternate lifestyles. There is what is called the gay lifestyle, which can be men or women, but there is no such thing as gay! These experts were on all the networks and had the facts. Later, of course, the left leaning media bowed under pressure to allow the gay word back in against all the facts! Two women walk into a motel office and ask to rent a room. They start kissing and fondling each other in the office. The lady owner refuses to rent them a room. Now, she could of ask them to leave or she would call the police for what they were doing in public! She was sued and sold her business! That is how corrupt this lie has become!

    If everyone of us went by feelings think how many of our parents would be alive today? Ha. We also have another part of our brain that accepts facts and uses logic, then use it! If this SB1062 allows freedom of religion and supports the facts it cannot be a bad thing.. what is bad is the liars in the far left media in our country!

    Source(s): Whose owns the business, the customer or the one paying the bills? We all can go buy or eat where we want so an owner should be allowed to go by facts and not by political crap forced on us all!
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    Jesus this has been rehashed several times today with a new spin on it every time. I don't think that unless you specifically say you're gay can they have good reason to deny you service.

    If me and a male friend go to chick fil a or whatever restaurant and the owner says, "I'm not serving you" I'd be a bit p!ssed off and leave with an upset stomach. Not gay, but it would be a humbling experience to walk in their shoes.

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    6 years ago

    I am not from the U.S. but I assume new law also calls for the marking of gay people with some symbol on their forehead so business owners know WHO to discriminate against.

    I just wonder how else they could exercise their rights to be closed minded and bigoted with certainty.

    EDIT Thanks for the clarification. While I am liberal I have always believed it's a business owners right to refuse service to someone. They built the business. they stimulate the economy, they employ people - why shouldn't they be allowed to choose a customer base.

    In the end it means they value something over pure profit. If that's the case they should be allowed to exercise their rights as a business owner.

    But this law is just preposterous. How do you decide who is gay.

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  • 6 years ago

    how would a business know the client is gay and refuse to serve him or her? It not about gays being refused but to prevent a business owner from having to accept work contract that they don't want or accept--from gays or not.

    NOT A GAY ISSUE; its about the business owner's right to serve or not

  • Just as the law already allows you and everyone else to not serve straights - yes.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago


    But how would they know if someone was gay unless they were committing a gay act in the restaurant? If they were I'd refuse them service.

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