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AL asked in Politics & GovernmentLaw & Ethics · 7 years ago

why is Aaron Hernandez in jail right now if he hasn't completed his trial yet?

how can they imprison a man who hasn't been found guilty yet? isn't it supposed to be innocent until proven guilty?

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  • 7 years ago
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    The legal system cannot let a person accused of a heinous crime run amok in public, where the public does not feel safe. There is a system called "bonding" that allows for most accused criminals to remain in their usual domiciles until trial, but this privilege is rescinded for the safety of the accused or others if the crime is particularly heinous, bizarre or of public scrutiny.

  • 7 years ago

    Yes, he's innocent until proven guilty. Which is why he's not serving a life sentence right now. However, the state has the right to hold you in jail until your trial is over if you're a flight risk. A person with millions of dollars and a life sentence hanging over their head doesn't really have much of a reason to stick around.

    It's the same when you're arrested. You're imprisoned in the jail even though you haven't been found guilty yet. What's your solution? We just let accused murderers run free until after the trial and just hope they come back on their own and/or don't kill someone else?

    So, you're saying that we should let the Boston Marathon guy go, right? He hasn't been found guilty yet either. Can he stay at your house? He's innocent until proven guilty.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    Because he has been accused of murder. Anyone accused of a crime has to be remanded on bail or remanded in custody until the trial. Most of the time it will be bail, but in the case of a very serious offence, the court will have to consider if this isn't safe. If the charge is murder, it almost always will think that and decide that he should be jailed until it comes to court. Another reason for doing this is if the court feels there is a serious risk he might not turn up to court on the appointed day for the hearing.

    I'm British and we do exactly the same thing. Unconvicted prisoners have more privileges but it is to protect the public from a potentially dangerous person or one who the court thinks it can't trust to actually turn up at court when they're supposed to.

    A little English history for you - this goes back a LONG way and US law is based on English law. When England's population wasn't so big as now, judges went "on circuit" - they travelled around to different courthouses. People accused of serious crimes would be held in the local gaol (old English spelling of jail) until the judge's next visit to deal with them. Back in the day before the invention of cars and trains it made more sense to do it that way rather than have the accused travel to a distant court.

    So the principle of holding innocent people in jail if the circumstances suggest it is right has been accepted for centuries.

  • Mutt
    Lv 7
    7 years ago

    If the judge feels he is a flight risk or a danger to the public, he can deny bail and have him held in jail until the court date. Many times, if the person is found guilty, the time in jail without bail is applied to the sentence, and reduce the amount he has to serve.

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  • 7 years ago

    Everyone is held in jail pending trial. Most people are allowed to post bond, which is an insurance policy designed to ensure they return to court. However, bond is usually denied to people facing 1st degree homicide charges because of the severity of the offense. Additionally, in this case, bond was also denied because he has been tied to other homicides in other States that are also being investigated. So basically, the Judge ruled there is enough evidence against him and his risk of leaving the country is too high to let him out of jail for any amount of bond.

  • pika
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    7 years ago

    Because the crime he is accused of is Murder! If he was let out and murdered more people- that would be a problem.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    He was denied bond so he has to stay in jail.

  • Tbone
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    7 years ago

    He is considered a flight risk.

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