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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago

can translate for me ?

Can you translate for me ?

I am a foreigner.

你真的很厲害,你媽該驕傲有你這種兒子非常優秀,妨害風化、詐欺、毒品..等 樣樣來。










沒指名道姓 我早就封鎖你了





真的超可憐 沒看過那麼可憐的人




My girlfriend does not explain everything to let me know...

Pleas Can you tell me?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I am sorry. There are just too many bad words that I have to avoid. This is an almost-word-to-word translation. I tried my best. But please do note that none of this is my personal words.

    Following is the translation:

    You are truly remarkable. Your mother should be proud to have a son like you. Violate public decency, being a fraud, drugs..... all kinds of stuff.

    You hit my mom today, next time I will let you hit me, and then you will have tons of lawsuit to answer to.

    What do you mean when you said my mom didn't taught me well?

    You mother is the one that's taking poor care of her son!

    You always goes in and out of the jail like it's you home.

    I've never been in there for once.

    You studied casually and you still got a zero mark.

    Your mom should really be proud to have you as her son.

    I didn't point you out. I blocked you long time ago already.

    You are even stupider than I imagined.

    You don't even know how to make sentences for your son's homework.

    You don't have the ability to raise a child yet you still love to fxxk women.

    It has became a daily routine for your child to get tardies for school.

    Such a pity. I've never seen someone so pathetic.

    Wife ran away, and the worst is that you cannot raise a child.

    Source(s): Tired and sleepy me, probably typing with a lot of grammatical errors. Translation all by myself, for the sake of......
  • Sorry, I can not translate for you.

    You can use Google translation ,

    then paste this document to google translation.

    you will know anything more.

  • 7 years ago

    哈哈哈,MingLam 兄幽默了~

  • 7 years ago


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