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in a fun way 用有趣的方法

with + 名詞 也是用或使用.....的意思

請問 in 、 with 之間有什麼 差別嗎

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    I will be with you in a moment.(兩個介系詞片語,前者是主詞補語,後者是修飾語)

    Hannah lives with her parents in a small apartment.

    Chicken pies will be served with vegetables and mushrooms in a small bowl.

    We saw Moore coming back with a drink in his hand.

    Edward entertained me with stories of his travels in Spain.

    Banks are competing with each other in the property market.

    She has been in bed with tonsillitis for a few days.

    We are trying to teach mathematics in a more interesting way.

    形成介系詞片語,修飾不定詞片語to teach mathematics,屬副詞性質,意思是:以更有趣的方式


    He opened his talk with a quotation from Shakespeare.(with與動詞open連用,表示以何種方式開始他的講演。你可視with a quotation為介系詞片語,用來修飾述部opened his talk的修飾語。)

    You only need $100 to open an account with us.(這裡的with是帶出修飾account的介系詞片語,不同於上句)

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    in a fun way 在有趣的領域。

    in 是在其中

    with 則是採取的意思




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