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How much do truck drivers who haul hazardous materials make a year?

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    Depends on the Haz-Mat load.

    I drove truck and had my doubles/triples; haz-mat; and tanker endorsements. Which meant I could haul anything. Some military explosive cargo can pay well, but it is a pain to have an armed escort both in the truck and behind you. Planned routes, with timed rest stops and so forth. No thanks. It wasn't worth it.

    I started hauling "specialized" which is basically all your oversized loads, that is when I seen my bank account start adding up. $140,000 the first year. But I did work my butt off, 5 weeks out and 2 days home.

    As for the Haz-Mat, if you haul explosives it can pay pretty good, so can some nuclear waste loads, however, you are bound by stringent time restraints and many times armed escorts to deal with.

    Other Haz-Mat loads are not worth hauling. Better off with "specialized" If you get a cargo loader haul out of Florida it pays $4 per mile plus fuel surcharge plus permits. I paid off half of my truck payment with one trip to British Columbia.

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    Typically, a HazMat load only pays a few cents per mile over a regular load. You won't get rich hauling hazardous materials, BUT the upside is that if you have the hazmat certification, you can haul loads that a lot of drivers can't. That means you have a wider range of the loads you can carry, and less time waiting around for that next load, which means more miles per week and more money in your pocket.

    Source(s): I've hauled everything from fertilizer and chemicals to explosives for mining and ammunition for the military.
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    Hazmat Tanker Driver Salary

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