What cities in Massachusetts gets the most snow?

What cities in Massachusetts gets the most snow?

Does worcester and Waltham get a lot of snow?

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    6 years ago
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    Massachusetts average snowfall

    Boston 43.7

    Worcester 70

    NATICK 48.2

    AMHERST 40.6



    TULLY LAKE 54.6

    WALPOLE 52.8

    BLUE HILL 61.7

    Source(s): NOWData - NOAA Online Weather Data
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  • 6 years ago

    the towns in the Berkshires get the most snow on average

    Pittsfield averages 73 inches per year


    many of the towns there are higher in elevation and colder than the rest of the state, also the center of storm systems are more likely to pass to the south and east, meaning the rest of the state is more likely to rain instead of snow

    generally, a rule of thumb is northwest gets more snow on average and southeast gets less

    there are some exceptions such as Worcester, whose airport in on top of a hill (1000 feet elevation) gets a lot more snow (70 inches) than many places to the north and west. It should be pointed out that the downtown area and many neighborhoods get less snowfall than the airport

    Chatham in the southeast averages 26 inches of snow

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