Im getting braces soon, do they hurt?

Im getting braces soon, ive had my moulds done a week ago, so they said that i would prob have them in a few months! anyway, ive got some questions!

1) Does the process of the dentist putting the braces on hurt?

2) Does everyone who has braces have to have separators?

3) What colours do you recommend?

4) What are the disadvantages?

(I might get purple for colour)

Please add any info or advice!

The only thing i really really wanna know is if it hurts while they put them on:)

Thanks in advance :)

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  • LaAn
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    7 years ago
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    The moulds are the fun part! Except if you bite the specialist and she sticks rubber up your nose for revenge...anyway...

    1) Unless you need teeth pulled, the process isn't too bad. The worst part is having the metal bands fitted. It can get pretty uncomfortable and hurt a little because they are forcing metal between your teeth. They put them on, then off, then on and off until they find one that fits, then take it off and on once more to glue it. Otherwise, it just takes time. The wire installation might be uncomfortable once they start tightening them.

    2) Not everyone needs separators. If the teeth aren't crowded so much, you don't need them. I needed them so my bands would fit, and that hurts at first, then feels like something is stuck between your teeth.

    3) The colour depends on personality!! Mine are white, and I have clear brackets on the top, but I have a bad overbite, so I wanted them to be less noticeable. You're probably younger than me, so go with what you want! You can change it every 6 weeks.

    4) Disadvantages are mainly food. No more gum, sticky gummy candy or toffee, no tough foods or hard candies. You can't bite anything, so everything needs to be cut up small (Fx a sandwich needs to be cut up or eaten with a fork and knife). Hard foods need to be cut into tiny pieces, like apple and carrot. Soda no more than once a week. It can stain your teeth and cause cavities since they are harder to clean. It can also eat away at the cement holding the brackets on.

    Your mouth at first will feel VERY full. For the first few days (4 for me) you need to eat softer food, like mash, soup, yoghurt, etc. It will feel quite uncomfortable, and hurt a bit. If it hurts too much, take a regular pain killer, The brackets might rub against your cheeks or lips, but you can get special dental wax to fit over the parts that hurt you if needed. DONT run your tongue over the braces and wires if you can help it. In the first 5 minutes, I went to the shop under my ortho and was standing in line to pay - I got my tongue stuck on the wires, and it ripped off a couple tastebuds!

    You will have to brush your teeth several times a day, especially after you eat. Set aside extra time to feed floss under your wires, because you want to keep your teeth as clean as possible. Braces make them a target for decay since there are lots of places for the food to hide.

    Good luck!!

  • Hailey
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    7 years ago

    1. The actualy process of sticking the brackets on your teeth does not hurt. All they do is put dots of glue on your teeth, center the brackets on your tooth, then shine a special light over it so the glue hardens. When they put wires on, it might be a little uncomfortable and your teeth will feel tight, but it's not that bad. However after an hour or two it will become very sore (I suggest taking painkillers before). It will be very sore for around 3-4 days. I suggest only eating/drinking liquids or very very soft foods for those couple of days.

    2. I did not need separators for either of the times I have had braces (I just got them on for the second time a month ago). It depends on your orthodontist but no, not everyone needs seperators.

    3. The colors I have right now are purple on the top and teal on the bottom. I suggest doing your favorite colors, colors for the holiday, school colors or team colors.

    4. You have to be very careful about what you eat and you have to brush a lot more (3-4) times a day. Also you can get hurt a lot easier with them on, so be careful.

    Also use wax (if you don't get it from your orthodontist, ask for some), because your brackets might cause sores in your mouth or your wires might be sharp. It is amazing how quick they go away once you stick wax on your braces.

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