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1. The Middle East is the spiritual homeland for which of the following world religions?

A. Judaism

B. Christianity

C. Islam

D. all of the above

2. During the 1990s, the United States became involved in a military dispute involving which nations?

A. China and the Soviet Union

B. France and Portugal

C. Iraq and Kuwait

D. South Africa and the Netherlands

3. Non-whites in South Africa made up over 75% of the population and yet their rights were the most restricted.

A. true

B. false

4. Which of these nations allowed for peaceful independence of their African colonies after WWII?

A. Britain

B. United States

C. China

D. Belgium

5. In most African countries, after independence dictators took control.

A. true

B. false

6. How did Cold War politics play into Middle East regional conflicts?

A. The USSR sided with Arab nations.

B. The USA sided with Israel.

C. The USSR and USA supplied their allies with arms.

D. all of the above

7. Who opposed the plan of the creation of a Jewish homeland?

A. Communists in the Soviet Union

B. Christians in the USA

C. Protestants in Great Britain

D. Arabs in the Middle East

8. Which of the following is NOT true about Nelson Mandela?

A. He was a farmer.

B. He led massive peaceful protests against apartheid.

C. He, along with others, started the African National Congress.

D. He was imprisoned for over 20 years.

9. Conflict in Iraq continues into recent times because of the differences and conflicts between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.

A. True

B. False

10. Select the nation that was created in 1947 in the Middle East to provide a homeland for the Jews.

A. Iraq

B. South Africa

C. Israel

D. China

11. In which country were apartheid laws created that prohibited interracial marriage and otherwise segregated the races?

A. Iraq

B. South Africa

C. Israel

D. China

12. In 1956 which nation blocked Israel's access to the Red Sea causing the Suez Crisis?

A. Britain

B. Egypt

C. Soviet Union

D. United States

13.Under the policy of apartheid in South Africa, interracial marriage and interracial activity of all sorts were encouraged.

A. true

B. false

14.In 2003 the United States invaded Iraq again because some American leaders claimed there were chemical and biological weapons within that nation.

A. true

B. false

15.OPEC is an organization that regulates the production and sale of oil.

A. true

B. false

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    It depends on how you read 14. The claim is that there were Weapons of Mass Destruction. Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) can include up to three types of weapons - chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. It can be one, two or all three of these. So, true if you assume any subset of this make it true. It's false if you think all three have to be part of the WMDs. As far as the other gentleman's comments that none were reality, both biological and chemical weapons were found, but the nuclear warheads were moved to Pakistan, and no more remaining ones were found. Since chemical and biological weapons are also WMDs, then WMDs were found. Unfortunately, ignorance over the term WMD allowed the media to report things inaccurately. That's why it helps to understand the subtleties of language. Your teacher asked an ambiguous question and they would have to provide more info before you could answer it.

    Source(s): Political Science scholar
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  • 6 years ago

    1 D.

    2 C (president George W.Bush)

    3 true! The system of restriction was called "apartheid"

    4 A. Britain ( in Africa alone:Egypt,Nigeria, Uganda, Tanzania

    (which consisted of two colonies,Tanganyica and the island of Zanzibar which were unite dto Tanzania)

    5. after a short period that looked democratically: in the long run YES









    14.A,but THE CLAIM was false.

    15.A (O_rganization of P_etroleum E_xporting C_ountries)

    It all happened during my life.

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  • 3 years ago


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