i have old vw beetle 1973 1303 engine & i want to use stp fuel carburetor cleaner so it will be good or bad?

i have old vw beetle 1973 1303 engine & i want to use stp fuel injector & carburetor cleaner so it will be good or bad because it is a old car and will there any dangerous on the car ?

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  • 6 years ago
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    Go for it. Can't hurt a thing.

  • chitty
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    3 years ago

    Vw Beetle 1303

  • br549
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    6 years ago

    It will be very good FOR THE STP COMPANY!! They get your money!

    The gasoline you buy has the same stuff in it, but if you must, go ahead. It won't hurt.


    Uh, For those who may be Usually wrong most of the time.....

    The 1300 engine was used in Beetles well into the 70's! Last in 1975! This guy is in EGYPT.

    lohay.h, It really doesn't matter, but you could have a 1300 engine or a 1600 engine. The 1303 number you may have mistaken for the engine number actually designates your car as a Super Beetle.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Hey you know-it-alls! He isn't saying he has a 1300cc engine. He says he has a 1303, the Curved windshield Super Beetle. It might have a 1300cc engine. Super Beetles came only with 1600cc DP engines in the US but in other countries 1300cc DP and 1200cc SP engines were optional.

    No, that stuff won't hurt it. The ethanol they put in fuel now days is much more corrosive. Ethanol eats away vintage rubber parts like your hoses, vacuum advance/retard diaphragms, fuel pump diaphragms, choke set diaphragm and your accelerator pump diaphragm.

    You can use that stuff but I personally would take apart the carb, soak metal only parts in carb cleaner, blow it out with compressed air, check the bushings and have them replaced if necessary, and put it all back together with new gaskets and o rings.

    For a temporary fix, placing the palm of your hand over the carb throat as the engine runs may remove more clogs than your stp treatment.

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