How are manga released?


I'm currently reading manga... Some of them are ongoing and I'm wondering how they are released.. I don't understand if they get published in a magazine, as a part of many others, or not.

Can someone tell me how they get published, and if you know, can you tell me any website that has release information (dates, etc), so I know when the manga I read comes out??

Thank you very much, and I'm sorry for my English....

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    7 years ago
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    To know when the orginal chapter in Japanese is released you will need to look if it is monthly manga or a weekly manga, but you sometimes also have mangas who are released when they are done. So they don't really have a release date.

    And after that it really depends on the manga you're reading.

    Just like One piece, Kuroko no Basket, Naruto etc. those are really popular mangas and most of the time the day after they are realesed you can find them on the internet in English.

    But you also have those manga who are less populair and then it sometimes can take about a month (Or more) before you can actually read the translated chapter.

    I wish you could have written about which manga you were talking about, so I could search when it could be released. Because you sometimes also have the problem that maybe the translater group dropped the manga while it is still ongoing (So they don't translate it anymore) and then you can maybe wait for a year before some other translater group picks the manga up.

    For the site I don't really think there is a site like that, sorry..

  • 7 years ago

    You can usually find the manga on a website of some sort. From there you can fight the release dates and read each manag when it comes out.

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