What character to cosplay?

im trying to figure out what cosplay i should make. Im going to comic con and i get invited along with friends to cosplay for free comic book day to a store. but i dont know who to go as.

heres what im choosing


Rogue - (everyone knows rogue the green one with the x on the chest and belt)

Rachel Grey/Summers- (she has a really cool outfit the one with the long red jacket and spikes with yellow) (might not be recognized by anyone)


Star Lord / Peter Jason Quill- (would be kinda good since they now have a trailer for the guardians of the galaxy out. the dark blue and red one with the mask and helmet)(might not be recognized by anyone)

soooo these are my choices. I like rogue but shes not my top favorate character even though shes up close to the top. But i really like rachel grey and star lord has a cool *** outfit. idk i just thought it be easier to pick if other people help me decide. i guess this also helps with my costume making skills too. Thanks if you can help

4 Answers

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