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What's the most promising field of study right now?

I'm a 3rd year biology major at UC Davis who doesn't want to go into healthcare careers after graduation. I really want to do research in the area where I can synthesize new drugs or extract unique compounds (I love both biology and chemistry); some people recommend me to become a pharmacist first and build my knowledge from there, but I feel like going into Master's program would benefit me more? Thanks in advance!

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    If you "don't want to go into a healthcare field", "but want to extract unique drugs," that creates an almost impossible scenario to match.

    What will happen is you will forever remain at the bottom rungs of your profession while those with a true medical background will pass you by.

    You have to understand, credentialing is everything in research science, and people you compete with who have a shinier resume will always be picked over you, ie, you will forever remain a lab rat with the college TA's, doing the grunt work for those who get the credit.

    Think of it: if you were Pfizer or Eli Lilly or Fujisawa SmithKline, who would YOU hire?

    Gotta go with the medical career -- pharmacist, nurse practitioner, PA, doctor, etc.-- that opens all the doors.

    Source: I am a pharmacist with a Pharm.D. (which is gold for this stuff)-- seen it from the inside.

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    In the biology field, I'd say that the world is yours today. You can go from medicine to agriculture -- two of the largest money-making fields in the world. I would go with agriculture because it is very wide open and interesting. We are going to Mars, regardless of the present regime's tendency to hoard our nation treasure for their own agenda. We are going to have to know how to grow food in different atmospheres and gravity. We also are going to have to know how the hybrid foods are created for their maximum nutrient value, and how to preserve seeds, etc. I'm not a biologist so I don't know all that is involved with it. I do know that it should be the next big career choice for young folks.

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