Will Leonardo DiCaprio win an Oscar this year?

Of the 5 actors nominated, I have seen four of their movies. The only one I haven't seen is Nebraska, and that's because I am not that interested in the story, but I might watch it after the Oscars.

Anyway, of the 4 that I have seen, I can tell you that the only character I can remember vividly because of the actor's portrayal is Jordan Belfort. That movie was well-done and I cannot believe it was that good.

I'm wondering if LD can finally win an Oscar after being nominated so many times and after being passed over for a nominations (last year's Django was a good role that should have been nominated).

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  • 7 years ago
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    I saw all of the performances and they were all very strong. But Leonardo Dicaprio's is my favorite, it was such a great comedic performance. Having said that, I really don't think he will win. This is Matthew Mcconaughey's year. He has just made such a comeback, all of his movies are so critically acclaimed and he's so good. The Mcconaissance is happening, he has won all of the precursor awards so far and now it's time for his Oscar. Leo has been gaining some momentum so I would think that if anyone pulls an upset it's him (although Ejiofor has a shot), but more likely than not Mcconaughey is going to win. I won't be unhappy if he does because he was very good in Dallas Buyers Club, but I would be even happier if Leo won. It is very odd that he hasn't won an one of these yet and I agree that he was completely "snubbed" for Django Unchained.

    And by the way, I felt similarly about Nebraska, the trailer bored me but I was dragged to see it and it's actually excellent, I liked it so much I went a second time! It's simple but it is also very funny and profound. And Bruce Dern is wonderful. See it if you get a chance!

  • 7 years ago

    I agree with you completely. He brought that character to life! Hit every note possible that an actor could. He was funny, serious, dramatic, angry, etc. That movie had at least a handful of class is scenes that will be remembered through the years. For example, the scene where Di Caprio takes the lewds and tries to go his car. That scene was Jim carry-esque!!

    Easily he gets my vote, but unfortunately these films snobs at the Oscars would never vote for a 'controversial' role when you can vote for a role that has something to do history. I'm speaking of Chiewtel ejiofor who I think will win because that movie is oscar bait.

    Source(s): Di Caprio gave the best performance of his career and that is definitely saying something.
  • 7 years ago

    He did better in What's Eating Gilbert Grape in my opinion. I do not usually like for such dirty over the top movies to win. But considering the source material in which this movie was made, I feel he has about a 60% chance or so.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    hopefully Leo will finally win one :)

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