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Would it be crazy to move from USA to Canada?

So I live in the USA and I have been talking to a guy for 3 months now online. He lives in Canada. We are 20 years old and are planning to meet soon in person, just for a visit. I honestly feel like he could be the one though and I would move to Canada to be with him. He is still in school, and I'm not so it would make more sense to move there, plus it's cheaper from where I live right now. I would love to know others opinions on this. Also, we live about 500 miles away from each other right now. It wouldn't be that big of a move but at the same time it would cause of the different countries.


P.S- I know I would need a visa and everything. I know there is a lot of paper work to deal with also

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    Citizenship and Immigration Canada will solve that problem for you.

    Americans are free to visit Canada for a maximum of 180 day per year. Visitors are not permitted to attend school, work, or look for work while in Canada nor can they obtain driver's licenses, social insurance numbers, health insurance, open bank accounts, etc. All visits to Canada are at the sole discretion of Canadian Border Services Agency. If they suspect you won't leave, will attempt to work illegally, are unable to pay for the visit, etc. they can limit the length of your stay, deny you entry, or ban you from Canada for a year. For stay longer than a month or so, especially for young people, CBSA may begin requiring proof that you are employed in the US or are enrolled in school, that you have travel medical insurance, that you have sufficient money in the bank to stay in Canada for months without working.

    Having a boyfriend in Canada does not permit you any special entry into Canada. It will actually make it worse since CBSA will now likely suspect that you won't leave within the period given.

    >know I would need a visa

    In order to apply for a work permit you must have a job offer from a Canadian company which has permission to hire foreign workers. That company must have obtained a labour market opinion (LMO) report from HRSDC which shows a shortage of workers in Canada in that profession along with proof that the company advertised for the job across Canada and no one applied. LMOs are only issued for highly skilled professions (doctors, engineers, nurses, specialized trades, etc.) or highly temporary jobs (seasonal farm workers, off season hotel workers, some ski resorts, etc.) Such job offer are insanely rare and competition for them is extreme. Even the most highly skilled workers will spend years or decades looking for one. Limiting a job search to the city where your boyfriend is living is beyond hopeless. You must also pass background, medical, and financial checks (minimum $13k in savings). Work permits are also temporary... lasting a few years or until your job offer ends. At 20 you likely don't have a four year college degree let along years of work experience in any profession likely to offer an LMO.

    In order to obtain permanent residency... your boyfriend would need to marry you and then sponsor you. He must have a solid job history, minimum income, residency, and sufficient savings. He must also sign an agreement with CIC assuming all your debts for three years and preventing either of you from utilizing certain government assistance programs. Your marriage and relationship will be investigated -- including interviews, photos, travel history, etc. You must pass background and (some) medical tests. The process takes nearly a year for an American. If he is a student, unless his parents are willing to co-sponsor you, he won't likely be able to sponsor you until he graduates, pays off any loans, and is working. You must remain living together for two years after obtaining permanent residency.

    Without marriage, obtaining permanent residency is insanely difficult. You need things such as: a highly skilled job offer (with LMO) in specific professions and then complete for one of 5,000 positions based on age, education, work experience, language testing, etc.; a net worth of $1.6M and invest $800k in Canada; complete certain university degrees in Canada and find a skilled job offer; being nominated by one of the provinces (doctor wiling to work in a remote community, buy and run a farm in certain provinces, world class performing artist, etc.); etc. You must pass background, medical, and financial checks. The process takes between three to five years on average.

    Realistically, other than marriage, no 20 year-old has much hope of immigrating to Canada or even obtaining a temporary work permit. If you wish to peruse this any further, you and your boyfriend should go and speak with an immigration lawyer.

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    You can't just pick up and move to Canada. You need a visa that provides you the legal right to live in Canada. The same as he would need to move to the USA.

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    An immigration attorney might suggest Dual Citizenship. It's common between Canadians and Americans.

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    get a job lined up and whatever visas you need

    and winters there suck

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