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When did the conservatives who defended Bush's foreign policy switch to being all anti-war now?

NOTE: I am against Obama's foreign policy the same as I was his predecessor's foreign policy....

However, I've noticed a switch in thinking....that Bush's 'justified' intervention in the middle east is becoming increasingly unjustified by conservatives....

I do not think Bush was favoured by the majority of conservatives, however I noticed that in many aspects his foreign policy was defended. In particular, on this site back in 2006 and 2007...

Why is it that they are so adamant in calling for Obama's impeachment? I understand that under the Obama administration drone strikes have increased, and Obama has expanded influence in the Middle East far more than Bush did. So they have valid concerns there and by no means am I defending Obama. I am just curious when this shift took place. Did it coincide with Obama's first term as president?

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    Bush was handed 8 years of inept foreign policy from Clinton. Including WMD. Which resulted in the belief that the USA was weak, hence the result: 9/11/2001. Bush had no choice but to defend the USA and what he did resulted in the highest approval rating of any President at 90% at one time.

    Obama has returned to the Democrat failed foreign policy leadership and we are against it. Plus the media does not help. Soldiers still dying daily in foreign countries and our media ignores it because of politics.

    Impeachment of Obama would be useless. What .. end up with Biden? He is just as bad. Take out the whole administration is our only hope.

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    I haven't. If Obama is ever up for impeachment, it will have little to do with drone strikes, rather, it will be his overstepping his administrative authority as president. Obama has used agencies to flush out water for environmental reasons in California, causing a loss of irrigation to the area that grows 50% of the produce in the USA, as an example.

    Obama's idiotic foreign policy and clear weakness as a leader have allowed many countries to come to civil war, but it won't be for that.

    Where are all those women in black who used to protest when a Bush was president? They sure weren't Republicans.

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    6 years ago

    Not me.

    Obama pulled out of Iraq too soon ( If you've been paying attention to what is happening over there)

    Obama gave HIS generals less that what they asked for in Afghanistan.

    Obama had to authority to go to Libya.

    Those are the only issues I have

    A more interesting question is why do most liberals support Obama's policies that are identical to Bush's anti-terror policies that they so hated?

    And if they don't support it, they are being extremely quiet about it. Where's Code Pink been the last 4 years?

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    Because Bush's foreign policy was to protect Americans,.

    Obama's foreign policy is to protct Obama!

    but let's instead, just assume we learned our lesson, Are you criticizing us FOR THAT? There is no pleasing you muddafukkahz, is there?

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    I was behind GWB's initial retaliation, after 9-11. However, when he began preaching about "spreading freedom" and invading Iraq, he kind of lost me. You cannot provide freedom to those who don't want it. Most of the Middle East's problems, are spiritual, not political, and no amount of shock and awe will change that. In my opinion, it probably makes it worse.

    If the democrats would have run someone like Joe Mancin, or Evan Bayh, instead of Prissy Kept Man John Kerry, I would have voted for them when Bush ran for his 2nd term.

  • Thorn
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    6 years ago

    It's like Draft Dodger Ted Nugent saying 'my brothers in the military'

    they're a bunch of hypocritical fools

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    Seems to be the precise time when anti-war Obambots switched to being war-mongers now.

    At least Bush went through the proper channels, the UN and US Congress to get the conflicts sanctioned. Obama can't say all.

  • The anti-war movement was actually just an anti-Republican movement in disguise.

    It ended as soon as Obama took over and continued the war in Afghanistan for his entire presidency so far.

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    I'll answer this if you can answer me this!!

    why did liberals elect a President that voted with President Bush on going to war with iraq in search of WMD's?

    why did this liberal elected President appoint a S.S. who also voted with President Bush on going to war with iraq in search of WMD's?

    they didn't understand what WMD's are?

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    All? Really, All?

    That is like saying ALL Lieberals are liars.

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