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Money Order from Wyoming?

Saying she needs a nanny for the next month at $300 a week. A newborn for the day hours so that price is normal. But then she said shes going to send a money order for $1200.00 in the mail to arrive the day before she gets here to insure my position. Is this a fake or scam? I could really use the money and job so i hope not but who knows! She also wants name address and phone number. I want to have her send a moneygram instead for safety but how do i ask that question? Young and naive haha help!

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    There is NOBODY in the world that hires a complete stranger off a website to take care of their child. Period No family would ever hire you BEFORE they had met you in person and verified your references

    And NOBODY pays an employee before they start

    That check/money order will be fake and you can be arrested for bank fraud or money laundering if you cash it.

    The best thing to do is NOT sign for it. They will not send through USPS as that's a federal offense. They usually use UPS or FedEx. Refuse all deliveries and tell anyone you live with not to sign for anything. Tell the driver you are refusing delivery and to return to sender

    If it's too late and you or someone signed for it, turn the check, envelope and copies of all emails over to your local police station

    And so you and your family are not threatened, since these criminals now know where you live, wait a few days then email back to say that you tried to cash it but your bank said it was counterfeit and have turned it over to their fraud squad for investigation. Say that you are sorry but if they still want you to work for them they have to pay in cash

    And you would be insane to ever accept a job from anyone you have never met AND their child at their home accompanied by an adult like your father. You DO NOT give your home address. Do you know how many girls have been kidnapped, raped, lured into porn or even murdered answering fake nanny/babysitter ads posted on sites like Craigslist?

    and thousands more similar stories

    Predators post fake nanny/babysitting ads and contact people posting work wanted ads because they know these jobs mainly attract young women. This is why you never give your home address or agree to work for anyone until you and another adult have gone to their home to meet them AND verify they even have a child

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    Scam. Almost no one hires a caretaker for a newborn without first checking their references and meeting in person.

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    Read this article and think about this, that what you have is a nanny scammer.

    There was a question posted on Y/A about a year ago, I think I remember, where a nanny promised job for high pay, where they moved to a new state and new job, but, since no paycheck, she agreed to take care of baby and after 6 weeks or so, they left w/out telling her, since that day she was promised to be paid around $4,500 due to her, they skipped and she wanted to know how to find them to collect.

    Also enclosed 3 other questions on Y/A of the same scam.

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    100 PERCENT SCAM. Do not send any info.This is an old, old scam.

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