how to get rib of saving wizard spyware?

i got Microsoft security essential and I want to know if I downloaded anty spyware could make problem to my regular anti-virus, and I tried to many times to unistalled from control panel but nothing work, always said me is no the catcha right and there is no way to unistalled. somebody please.

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    Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) is probably the worst choice you could have made for anti-anything. Uninstall every program (browser extensions, toolbars, search engines included) you don't want, need, or wish would die in windows AND EACH BROWSER. Research those programs your unsure of. This malware was most likely installed by a program that was "bundled" with malware. Saving Wizard is a more aggressive malware as it does have rootkit capabilities, along with other annoyances. Download Malwarebytes (MBAM): Install (don't choose trial), and update. On the "Settings" tab ALL BOX'S CHECKED, for each option below choose "Show in results list and check for removal". REBOOT into SAFE MODE, open MBAM- on the "Scan" tab- start a "Full Scan". When done make sure everything found is selected, and click delete, then reboot into windows normally. Now download RKill.scr here: This will suspend any malicious processes that will prevent removing malware that's left after the MBAM scan. Now download ADWCleaner here: Follow the directions here: You "should" be rid of your "Saving Wizard", but I think its best to KNOW your good to go, and I HIGHLY recommend you lose MSE. Uninstall and remove MSE by following the directions here: Make 100% certain you have NO OTHER ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMS INSTALLED. Download Avast here: Install and UPDATE. With Avast open click the magnifying glass icon "Scan"> select "Boot-time scan", go down to the small blue settings link on that same tab (hardening Boot-Scan settings): A new tab will open- from top to bottom on that tab select all hard drives, click the graph to high (heuristics), both boxes below that checked, and select move to chest, click "OK". Select "Start Scan", then Yes. Computer will reboot and start the Boot-time scan, you can see everything Avast quarantined by looking for the link on the scan tab. LEARN Avast setup options/features here: (SET ALL SCAN OPTIONS TO HIGH "heuristics"). Now lets do a little cleanup: Download Ccleaner: Install, in the left hand column select the "Old Prefetch data" box- leave other defaults checked- click the "Run Cleaner" button (bottom right). When done, go to "Tools"> "Startup" and search through every tab from Windows through Context Menu for suspicious entries, things you don't need, not sure of, click "Disable"(re-enable it later if you need). Select and "Delete" ITEMS YOU WANT DEAD. After a week or two- open Ccleaner again > Tools> System Restore> Select all but the 3 most recent system checkpoints (ONLY SYSTEM CHECKPOINTS). Select several by holding Ctrl key while clicking to select every one YOU SHOULD DELETE (system restore points could be corrupted). A TON of space was made here, do this once a month just before monthly cleanings. Pay it forward.

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