how to connect all my music to my samsung galaxy s4?

iTunes, Google Play music.... I can't, for the life of me, find a successful way to save all the songs I've purchased on both those sites on my Samsung galaxy s4.

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    7 years ago
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    You can transfer the music you purchased from Google Play to Samsung Galaxy S4 directly.

    Regarding iTunes music, the songs downloaded from iTunes Store are in two formats: one is MP3 format and the other is M4P format.

    If the music you download is in MP3 format, which means it is not DRM protected, you can transfer it to other devices directly and the audio file will read properly. However if the music is in M4P format, you need to remove the DRM protection.

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    All the music you purchase on Google Play comes in the MP3 320k format. You can download all the tracks onto your computer via Google Music Manager ( Install the program, log in with your Google account, and press "Download my library"; it will download all the songs in your Google Account to any folder you like on your computer. After that, you can easily drag and drop the MP3 files onto your S4.

    All the music you purchase on iTunes comes in the iTunes Plus M4A format. It has no DRM, but it does have your email embedded inside (not many know this). If you have iTunes installed on your computer, the music you've bought should be downloaded to your computer's music folder (C:\Users\Name\Music\iTunes\iTunes Media\Music). Drag and drop the M4A files onto your S4 at your leisure.

    Hope this helps. :)

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    Download the kies program either from google play or the Samsung site. It lets you do everything you need including backing up your entire phone.

    You can also drag and drop too and from your phone using it if you connect your phone to your computer via the USB connector. It gives you a virtual drive and lets you do what you want too and from it.

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