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Tips on getting 360 Waves?

Hey, I'm going to be explaining all this is so some vets could probably correct me if I'm doing wrong. You see, I recently found out about waves and last month got into it and really started trying for waves. I'm going in to get another haircut, cut short like a butch cut or buzz with back and sides tapered, and I have black peoples normally nappy *** unruly hair. It's pretty thick and hard to deal with, which is why I got this **** cut. Anyways, I got the cut and everything and looked into wave stuff and bought. I got brush/wash in waves, sof' waves, and spin'n classic as well as pop'n waves. I realize now that I probably didn't NEED all of that, but I noticed that ever since I started using it my hairs been actually manageable and feeling very soft and nice. I also bought a simple black durag and I have two annie brushes, the dual sided ones with one side synthetic and the other boar bristle and one for school the other for home and I OCD brush my hair constantly day by day at least for five minutes in every class, which got me some attention (not like I'm protesting it when girls run up and wanna talk some more!) but I try brushing it lots.

My daily schedule, from when I wake up on shampoo day, is simple:

Shampoo hair with wash in waves

Add in brush in immediately after blot drying hair and brush 50 (counted!) times on front, back, and 25/e or more on sides.I usually use the synthetic side for the morning brush when my hairs damp.

Spray some pop'n waves in and brush like I have a problem all day, or let my friend do it for me because she loves brushing my hair for me lol.

After school, I apply a lil pink oil and brush brush brush.

At night, I let a warm and damp towel sit on my scalp for aprox. 5 mins and then brush it 25 times all around.


Only on days when I don't shampoo do I use the sof' waves morning and night and the spin'n before I go to sleep, during track practice, or I know I can't brush my hair at all for over an hour an a half. I also use the boar bristle side during the afternoon or when my hairs finally dried and brush at least over 70 times everywhere or until I think I'm seeing something because I occasionally get a bit paranoid and think I didn't do it enough and I read online that you can't brush too much.

If you see anything wrong, please correct me! I would love any tips I can possibly receive. I also heard CQP brushes are very good brushes, and is that true? I want to buy a few but I won't if I find out it's just a fancy looking brush that costs a lot.

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    well first off u got to keep brushing the more u brush the better ur waves.period. I'm was in da wave game tried to quit but my hair was so trained even though i tried to get rid off them i wud take a shower an they wud b back in ma head so i was like wateva n got back into the wave game. but wat u need to do is wolf past the point of manageability like mayb 4-5 weeks n make sure u switch to a hard brush wen u wolf dats how u get dem deep waves. also u mite want to look into connection which u get by usin a soft brush n brushin anytime u can n using the h2o meth which alot of pple use (i dont kno y but i guess it works). fa ya sides u got to start like above ya ear at ya crown n brush down slightly turning it so it goes in front off ya ear like if u kept brushin down u wud brush ya cheek. but u just got to keep brushin n wen u not brushin put on ya durag or stockin cap (i dont really do dat but dont do wat i do just follow da advice) u shud really consider joining www.360waves.net/forums even though u said no links they got good advice and experienced wavers wit da sickest waves imaginable dat u cud ask for advice. so just do wat i told u always keep ya hair moisturized and brush, brush, brush. Good Luck mayb u'll b spinning harder dan me 1 day mayb i doubt it but mayb. nah im jp hope u catch bodies wit ya soon 2 be sick waves.

  • Andrew
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    6 years ago

    I want everyone to know that getting 360 waves is not that hard! Don't get me wrong it's not easy either, but with the right knowledge any guy can get the silky wave hair style. Weather you know how to get waves or not, I will help you. To the guys who have no clue how to get 360 waves, and to the guys who know how but can't get them to come in fully. I will Help you.




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