Why didn’t Shanda Sharer’s murder case get as much media attention as Caylee Anthony’s or Trayvon Martins case?

Was her trial big like Caylee Anthony and Trayvon Martins murder trial? Obviously one of the things that made the trails so big was the fact that children where murdered, like in Shanda's case, but it seems her story doesn't/didn't receive that much recognition nation wide like these murder cases did.

I wasnt around when the trial took place so I dont know how it whent down.

It seems as if some people have almost have forgotten Shanda and her story. I've been lead to believe that a few reasons why the trial may not have received that much attention is because at the time it happened, in 1992, we didn't have social media (which is a contributing factor to how big the trials of Anthony and Martin got). However the OJ Simpson trial happened just two years after this and its still well known.

Another reason I believe may be is that a few of the murderers where juveniles when they committed the crime and maybe because of that, they got some sort of privacy and because of that not much could be said about the case in the media.

Why doesnt this case not known to people like these other cases?

Please note that in no way am I trying to say that one case is worse than the other, Im just curious that why it seems some other murder cases, that are equivalently just as tragic all together, could be remembered and another couldn't.

Please be nice. Thank you

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  • AJ
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    7 years ago
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    No, it wasn't nearly as big as the George Zimmerman trial, who cowardly murdered Trayvon Martin. It could have something to do with the fact that social media wasn't around at that time, but this was the case as well during the OJ Simpson trial, which did get some mayor media coverage.

    There unfortunately have been so much murder and disappearance cases that didn't receive any media attention at all. The media selects what is interesting. It has to be either very shocking (see the Jodi Arias trial, who was one sick puppy) or the race cart has to be involved, like was the case with OJ Simpson and George Zimmerman.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I don't know but in pretty pissed of about it!

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