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Character help please?

So in my story, there is this scientist/inventor and his daughter.

The scientist/inventor is extremely smart and is pretty successful in his inventions and experiments. He is silly and honestly cannot be taken seriously, so most people won't believe his research.

He is tall (6'1") and kind of gawky and skinny. He has short brown hair and grey eyes. He has large wire glasses.

His wife left him, but his 15 daughter still lives with him.

His daughter is loud and easy-going. She is proud of her father's work and hates when people think poorly of her father. She is also very intelligent and a good problem solver.

She is 5'6 and skinny. Her hair is also brown, but long enough to be pulled in a ponytail, and always is. Her eyes are a bluish-grey, but more on the blue side.


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    Tall, awkward, ungainly scientist/inventer:

    Milton T. Auden; Milt Auden

    Norman E. Chavis; Norm Chavis

    Elliot Henry Jones; Elliot H. Jones

    Basil Mackey Knight; Basil M. Knight

    Gilbert D. Skelton; Gil Skelton

    Skinny, nerdy daughter:

    Amy Janet Auden; Amy J. Auden

    Dawn Henrietta Chavis, Dawn Chavis

    Mary Ellen Jones; Mary Nell Jones

    Katherine Louise Knight; Kay Knight

    Susan Lea Skelton; Susie Skelton

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    I would be glad to give you some name Ideas but my thought always is that if you can come up with such complete characters such as you have you probably already have names in mind. Go with your instincts and make the characters ALL you own!

    The story line sounds awesome.

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