Do you still believe in Darwin's Theory of Evolution, or have you found a mind of your own yet?

Atheism is like a religion. Their experts, these scientists at the top of the pile tell everyone else tons of crap like a be all end all authority figure and just about everyone in college studying science memorizes what they say and regurgitate it thinking that they are so great and high minded.

Scientists get very arrogant with others who are not in their beliefs, saying we have proof for what we believe in, what do you have nothing but faith? Yet, there are still things that are being told as scientific fact but have not been proven. e.g. Darwin's Theory of Evolution. There is no observable proof. We have not seen one kind of species change to another, alls we see is one kind of fish or bird change to another kind of fish or bird, no fishies turning into birdies for example. Evolutionists say you need thousands of millions of years for observation, which we don't have in our lifetime, so there is no observable evidence for us, it is just a trust or faith in what the so called experts say.

A lot of people do this and don't realize that they are repeating what some else has said, not what they have worked out for themselves to be true. I want to say this to wake some people up who think science is so great. A huge chunk of science is a business today, fact. Otherwise for example, school children wouldn't be being drugged with pills in public schools for doing next to nothing, pills created by scientists for some corporations greed, not staying fully awake in class can get you pilled up, this is happening in some American schools now. Also, science has its bad just like the religions Atheists dislike so much. Who invented the atomic bomb which killed loads of people, scientists.

It's not that I dislike science, why would I dislike a neutral subject? It's the people who are very annoying. It's the arrogance that is irritating. It's the arguments against religion and nothing against their own arguments that is annoying.


@Matt I would literally kick the crap out of you, now do you have anything to say?

Update 2:

@Thundder wot bleedin evidence, have you read what I said, there is no evidence of darwin's theory, ffs

Update 3:

@bear, now tell yourself that in the mirror and see if it still sounds as intelligent as it does in your head

Update 4:

@old man, I never even mentioned god, and just cause it's the religion section don't think I follow a religion, that is such a fallacy in reasoning. it's one or the other with you, isn't it? You end up arguing your own point.

Update 5:

David B, another as, I never said I hate science, again, read what I said, ffs

Update 6:

@Richard I beg to differ, we are not a mistake, we consciously choose to be here.

Update 7:

@Matt you wouldn't say that to my face, that's why cowards like you all over the net talk hard. You know nothing about me, simple as. Your original response to my question was just plain rude and cheeky, and you will never get away with it in real life. So stop acting innocent like omg why r u being like this?

Update 8:

Not one of you have anything to say about the science business, just step over it. Science is great, they're drugging our children, Science is great, they making nuclear energy for war, Science is great, they're making a disproportionate amount of money.

Update 9:

@Ben, I might fall if I step off the building, but at the same time I can float if I wanted and have no gravity pulling me down. Why, cause I am in my own reality which I create? Now, don't be obvious and say, jump off a building and let's see. Get a grip man, gravity can be redefined.

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  • 7 years ago

    You do say you hate science. Perhaps you should stop acting like a petulant child, insulting and threatening other members (Seriously, screaming that you'll beat someone up doesn't make you more believable or well-respected), and consider that this is a question and answer site, not a "Sean gets to tell everyone what to think" site.

    You hate the institution of science. You hate the idea of peer review, and the process whereby scientist rely on the work of other, previous scientists so that we don't have to reinvent the wheel. Your entire post bears no evidence, and you utterly ignore the evidence that has been posted numerous times, on numerous sites. I'm sure you'll go ahead and ignore everything everyone posts here, but just in case.

    The University of California at Berkley: .

    The wikipedia page:

    The page at talkorigins:

    Now I'm sorry you hate science, but here's how it works: if you can DISPROVE even ONE small part of that theory, and if you can submit that evidence that you've disproven it, then the theory is thrown out. It's that easy! I'm waiting...

    Saying you dislike scientists but not science is moronic. It's like saying "Well I don't like this song's melody, or its lyrics, or its message, or who sings it, but I DO like the song!".

    You've proven only that you're an arrogant little kid who thinks that whining "I want science to be what I want! Science is mean!" is somehow a valid counterargument to the very foundations of knowledge.

    If you have a complaint about the industry of the overdiagnoses with autism-spectrum disorders and subsequent overmedicating of today's children, fine. We can talk about that. Your hyperbolic launch into this tin-foil hat conspiracy that science is EEEEVIIIIIL, combined with your lying that there is no evidence to support evolution, combined with your moronic claim that gravity can be defined so that you can float if you want to, is not a valid argument against science (or as you seem to lie, scientists).

  • 7 years ago

    We've never once detected the graviton, but I bet you don't harp on the theory of gravitation like evolution. And in evolution, the process has been seen in the lab with creatures with very short life cycles. But otherwise, the two are exactly the same. We can observe the effects of gravitation, our theory allows us to make predictions about the effects of gravity that are borne out by evidence, but neither the graviton nor a 'gravity wave' have ever been detected.

    Therefore, arrogant scientists demand you take the existence of gravity on faith. You should prove how wrong they are by jumping off a building.

  • 7 years ago

    Dude. You typed your question on a computer and sent it around the world using the Internet. And you say you hate science? I think you should stop using your computer if you hate science so bad.

    In my opinion, science brings the world many wonderful things.

    You hate arrogant people? Let me tell you this: I have met some pretty arrogant religious leaders in my time. They demand that people believe them and follow them with no evidence at all! There are indeed some arrogant scientists. The difference is that the scientists have evidence backing them up and that no one can topple their theories.

    If you want evidence on one species turning into another, you have to look at fossils. Because as you point out, it takes many lifetimes for visible change to occur.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    O.k Sean, so the salient points that you make are that people who go to college just regurgitate the lessons that they have listened to? Maybe they have thought about the concepts and intellectually have come to an undestanding of the ideas? you feel that people who went to college, especially the lecturers do not acknowledge any influence outside their speciality and that we are all drugging our children because of what the Drug companies and scientists are colluding to achieve?

    The other side of the issues are that our children all get thru to adulthood because they are vaccinated against all those terrible childhood diseases, that used to waste populations and especially the children, this is because of the application of science, those terrible drug companies and the use of Darwins "theory of evolution", so we all plan for the next generation of the FLU because we know that it MUTATES and changes into a newer Virus, that doesnt look anything like the last one, mmmmmm smells like evolution to me?

    Source(s): Adult Australian Male.
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Even if you did find some way to disprove some accepted theory, I still would not believe your assertions that a god or gods exist. Since you posted this where the topic is religion, your intent must have been to prove your unsupportable notions by trying to discredit some other idea. Unfortunately for you, that isn’t how it works, and no matter what happens with the scientific theories it does absolutely nothing to support your position. That has to be done on whatever merits your position has and nothing else.

    For example, if Navajos had proven Lamarckian evolution incorrect, that wouldn’t mean the right answer was that the world had been created by Rabbit Boy kicking around a blood clot.

  • 7 years ago

    If you have an explanation for all the evidence that is consistent with the theory of evolution, but somehow explains it better, I want to hear it.

    No scientific theory is ever assumed to be perfectly and absolutely correct. Not the theory of gravity, not the atomic theory of matter, not the germ theory of disease, etc. Scientific theories are explanations that explain all the evidence we have so far collected and are contradicted by none of it. They are the best explanations we have, so far.

    But you are free to test them and look for measurable ways that reality contradictions them. That would make you a scientist.



    John Popelish

  • Zombie
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    7 years ago

    > "Evolutionists say you need thousands of millions of years for observation" <

    You need millions of years to observe change on the scale we see in Earth's biosphere today. You *don't* need thousands or millions of years to observe evolution at all, and it has indeed been observed many times.

    Also, there is no "proof" in science. There is evidence and explanation, and explanations can change as data changes. Too bad we can't say the same for religion.

    No single person can be an expert on everything, which is why we share knowledge amongst ourselves. Science is methodologically self-correcting, and evolution is prime example of this. Change over time has been one of the most viciously opposed ideas in the history of science. Detractors have had every opportunity to falsify it for nearly two centuries, and yet it remains the unifying concept across all of modern biology.

  • ?
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    7 years ago

    2 out of 10.

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You're yammering on about nothing.

    Edit: Lmfao, am I supposed to be afraid? Oh ****, i'm shaken in my boots man. Your threats are about as unsubstantiated as your beliefs are. It's quite evident you're an idiot. It's also obvious you're an Internet warrior who's in all likelihood a pussy in real life. This is a first, I've never been threatened with violence on Yahoo answers lol.

    Edit2: yea, keep telling yourself that.

  • 7 years ago

    Freemaosonars believe that Satan personally taught Theory of Evolution to Darwin in order to destroy Bible without burning it ( It's their third and last gaol.) They say Darwin was under teaching of Satana ( Lucifer) himself and everyone who believe this Theory will have doubts in what religions say , then they doubt in God existence ,then they'll lose it and what will happen ? Bible Ratata !!!

    After Satan's Theory of Evolution was published , some of the other scientists and philosophers began to write books and articles about God Devolution (also name of a book by Richard Perkins ) and claimed God is something poeple had invented for calming their minds and vice versa , but none of them proved its reality completely , they just say it take thousands of millions of years for observation as you said yourself .

    Now may i ask from you , now that Human is a changed form of monkey , Monkey is changed form of what ? Maybe a premier

    kind of orange ? is it ?

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