is society dumbing down itself or am I just becoming an arrogant prick?

firstly I'd like to address this that I do know that the people I'm addressing may also have a higher IQ than me. so basically, everywhere I go in real life... it's so wrong. like i love science, theoretical physics, politics, literature, philosophy etc. but whenever I talk to someone, they don't even understand. why is it that most people these days care about pop culture???? all they ever do is just label things i love as nerdy, and then go out to the world screaming YOLO. imagine how faster society could improve if people shifted their priorities!

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  • 7 years ago
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    people don´t make the effort anymore to learn something. all they have to do is go on e i see your point. we seem to be more interested in Kim Kardashian and the Housewives of Orange County!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 7 years ago

    Ha, I feel like this every day. I love everything you just mentioned (except literature no offense), but unfortunately people don't have their heads in the right places. Some actually don't understand, and feel threatened by those kinds of conversations. Others just feel pop culture is the easiest thing to get involved with without having to exert your brain; you get to talk to hundreds of people about it, so you don't want to get left behind. But pop culture will never offer more than that.

    Meaningful pursuits like those you mentioned have their own audience, just not as big. Trust me, there is hundreds of years of hard work poured into all branches of science, politics.. and that audience isn't going anywhere. Don't worry about being called a nerd. It's just a word that means smart with a little jealousy thrown in. :)

  • fizixx
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    7 years ago

    It's not you.

    People in general are really, really stupid...and clueless. The emphasis is not about intelligence, although everyone with a heartbeat claims they are.

    Emphasis is also not on family either. People are selfish and it is easy to hide one's stupidity because so many people ARE that way. They get jobs, but can't relate to their boss or co-workers and end up having all kinds of problems because of it. People jump into relationships simply because another person 'likes them back'. They seem to have almost no criteria or standards at all for getting into a relationship, so the choices people make are terrible. They fight and squabble, and can't resolve issues without resorting to a therapist, alcohol, head-games, drugs or violence.

    People put more time in choosing a toaster oven than they do a car, college or relationship.

    They need help and assistance with everything involved with life, and seem to, live most of it as a facebook-jocky.

    Almost anything they read on the internet is gospel and they have poorly formed critical thinking skills. They also seem to have little, if any common sense and know all kinds of worthless or false 'facts' about American Idol contestants, the Kardashians, and the like, but they have no clue who their representatives are, where to find countries on a map, and how to use even the most watered-down algebra to think through finding out about mileage, converting from meters to feet, or understanding percentages that show up on their insurance policies or paychecks.

    The communication skills from not even that long ago....say 10-15 years ago is drastic.

    The dumbing down of this country is a real thing, and it's also sad, but also dangerous, because you are allowed to do all kinds of things being stupid that you shouldn't be allowed to drive, vote, and work in a hospital, etc.

  • 7 years ago

    Possibly both

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