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Draft emails don't delete upon sending (and receiving) of composed emails. Help?

Every time I composed an email, the auto-save feature engaged and created a draft. I didn't have a problem with this and liked the security of the back-up. However, for years now, I've noticed that even when the email gets sent, and I know the other person has received it on the other end, the draft would still remain. I have a Gmail account as well, and the drafts delete there when the email is sent so that folder stays more tidy. This folder is filled with stuff that, honestly, I dread thinking about combing through to determine if it was sent, not sent, needs to be deleted because it's not valid, or just dredging up old, bad, good, or other memories. They are dated back to 2005.

Has anyone else run into this issue? And if so, what has been done to deal with this? I'm open to suggestion. I've tried to find various settings and scoured community questions and haven't read much on it. I've seen a couple of people with one or two that haven't deleted, but not something to this level (but it's my fault for letting this build up too).

Just wondering if anyone else had run into the issue of it saving every email in drafts. I have found it very annoying.



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