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Anonymous asked in 社會與文化語言 · 7 years ago

請問是啥意思??(勿用翻譯軟體) 感謝~~

1.The short i sound is created with tongue rounded upward. You'll probably be able to feel you top side teeth with the side of your tongue.

2.The initial consonant is not necessary for the consonant-i-consonant spelling. So if I can have a short i in the word sit, I can also have it in the word it.

Examples of consonant-y-consonant include the words; myth , symbol and system.

3.there are are also a few non-phonetic words to be aware of. Tthe following words are all pronunced with a short i sound though we coundn't gress it based on their spelling: give busy build and building(勿用翻譯軟體)


non-phonetic 這個一直查都查不到

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  • 7 years ago
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    1短音 ɪ 的發音方式為舌頭向上微捲,並輕觸上排牙齒。

    2在「子音 - ɪ - 子音」的發音中,前方的子音之存在並非絕對,故若單字「sit」發音為短音 ɪ,則單字「it」亦同,例如拼寫為「子音 -y- 子音」的「myth」、「symbol」及「system」。

    3尚有少數音形不同的字須注意,如下列單字皆難以由其拼寫正確發出短音 ɪ:「give」、「busy」、「build」及「building」

    ※ non-phonetic:發音與拼寫不一致的



  • 7 years ago


    1. 短音i的發音方法是舌頭向上彎曲(tongue rounded upward),你可以感覺到上排牙齒側(top side teeth)和你的舌頭側(the side of your tongue)。

    2. 開頭子音(the initial consonant)的拼字,不一定是"子音字母-i-子音字母" 如果"sit"是短音i,那"it"也可以是短音i 例如: 子音+y+子音 可以有下面的幾個字: myth, symbol and system

    2014-02-23 22:38:42 補充:

    3. 這裡還有一些非語音性發音(non-phonetic)的字要注意。 下面的字都是發"短音i",但是無法從拼音中猜出來: give, busy, build, building

    2014-02-23 22:41:00 補充:

    - 原文第三段 "coundn't gress" 應該是 "couldn't guess"

    - non-phonetic指的是:發音無法從拼音中直接看出

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