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Country bands with a hard rock metal sound?

So im tryin to get into country cause thats all my family listens to but i cant get past the way they sound so i was wondering if there was any that have a kinda hard rock or metal sound and is there any singers that have a metal voice like a growl kinda voice kinda james hetfield from metallica or something thanks for the help

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  • 6 years ago
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    Hi, I recommend you try listening to Hank III, he does both metal and country music. Here is a list of alternative/underground artists who sing real country, followed by my favorite Hank III songs. Also try listening to The Charlie Daniels Band.

    You can find similar artists like below by searching for traditional, alternative, americana, outlaw country, rockabilly/psychobilly, folk, and stuff like that on sites like youtube, reverbnation,, and pandora radio. Most artists also have myspace, facebook, & soundcloud pages as well.

    Hank III, Bob Wayne, Wayne Hancock, Scott H. Biram, Rachel Brooke, Joey Allcorn, Old Crow Medicine Show, Jackson Taylor, The Secret Sisters, Little Lisa Dixie, Dale Watson, J.B Beverly & The Wayward Drifters, Fifth On The Floor, Holly Williams, Jamey Johnson, Amber Digby, Ashley Monroe, Pokey LaFarge, Hellbound Glory, Curtis Lyn Cook, Sara Jarosz, Tonya Watts, Honky Tonk Hustlas, George Goss. Huge list in my answer here:;_ylt=Ai...

    Favorite Hank III Songs:

    D. Ray White, Outdoor Plan, Farthest Away, Ain't Broken Down, Possum In A Tree, Gutter Town, Mississippi Mud, The Grand Ole Opry (Ain't So Grand), Wild & Free, Me And My Friends, Six Pack Of Beer, Candidate For Suicide, I Wish I Knew, Stoned & Alone, H8 Line, P.F.F., 3 Shades Of Black, Workin' Man, Gettin' Drunk And Fallin' Down, Rebel Within', Lookin' For A Mountain, Moonshiner's Life, Lost In Oklahoma, Thrown Out Of The Bar, Country Heroes, Low Down, Pills I Took, My Drinkin' Problem, Crazed Country Rebel, Not Everybody Likes Us, Louisiana Stripes

    (Hank III - 3 Shades Of Black) Checkout his song "D. Ray White".

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    (Joey Allcorn - Graveyard Bound "Ft. Lonesome Wyatt") Joey's other songs are pure country.

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    (Bob Wayne - All My Friends "Ft. Hank III")

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    (The Hillbilly Moon Explosion - My Love For Evermore "Ft. Sparky") Try Rockabilly.

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    I hope you enjoy these artists. Good luck!

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  • 6 years ago

    I don't know how much of an edge you're looking for. If you want edgy without the parental advisories and bigger-than-life enflamed egos, try Keith Urban. 30 years ago he would have been labeled "hard rock". He's extremely talented on guitar, has a great band, he has that straight-up honesty and likes to rip it up in concert.


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