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Do I Have chances of being famous according to what my birth chart says?

Well, all my life i loved acting and i dont know why but i never had the time to do it , but Lately i been so interested about that and i would be very grateful if you could say to me (Acording to my natal chart) if i have any chances of being succesful and famous, because that is my dream.

there is a picture of my chart:


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    If you wanna be famous you go out and you make it happen. It's not all about your birth chart, but I've noticed most celebrities have lots of placements in a certain sign. Like Leonardo DiCaprio for example has most planets in signs of Libra and Scorpio. Scorpio sun, Libra moon, Libra Pluto, Libra Uranus, Libra mercury, Scorpio mars, Scorpio venus. Then he also has Libra ascendant and Sagittarius true node, Scorpio fortune. He has two Sagittarius placements, two Pisces, two Cancer, one Aries.

    Here's his chart for you to see:

    Most celebrities have lots of placements in one sign in particular. Not all but most. If you have lots of placements in one sign then you're more likely to become star. But if someone tries really hard for it, has the guts to be out in the public eye and they've got talent, anyone can become famous.

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