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Suggestions on good dutch bands? Mainstream as well as old rock?

Bands and singers similar to Maroon 5, Muse, 3 Doors Down, Fun., OneRepublic to name a few... But in Dutch!

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    The Dutch don't have that many bands. Golden Earring used to be really good, and BLØF was pretty awesome (but BLØF doesn't have the type of music you look for). Within Temptation is gothic rock if I remember correctly, but other than that, there are hardly any real bands.

    Here is a list of some I know, but not sure you'd be interested:

    Acda en De Munnik

    Doe Maar

    Het Goede Doel


    Golden Earring


    The Dutch are mainly solo artists, and we have a duo called Nick & Simon. Some of those songs might be to your liking, according to internet they're actually a band (which I find strange).

    Also, what you consider mainstream, the Dutch don't really make music that others consider 'mainstream'. Most of the music popular here is actually American or Brittish. So you probably won't find what you're looking for.

    If you're interested in some artists, solo, then here you go:


    Marco Borsato

    Jeroen van der Boom

    Ilse de Lange

    For a while Gers Pardoel was pretty popular.

    Anyway, as I said before most Dutch don't listen to Dutch music but instead to American or Brittish music and all the mainstream stuff. There aren't that many bands here and most of the bands that used to be popular are old now and most young people dont know who they are anymore.

    Hope this helped.


    Source(s): Dutch native since birth
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    Focus was the best Dutch band ever. and Jan Akkerman one of the best guitarists ever.

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