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徵求英文高手幫我翻譯這段話 勿使用翻譯軟體 20點

2013年12月30日,透過朋友的介紹,我聯絡上仲介Allen,得到一份工作位於Sydney 的肉廠,我負責的是推牛的工作,工資為時薪20.9,他們告訴我,這是3級工人的薪水,並收取了我500元的押金,將從工資中扣除。




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    December 30, 2013, I contacted the agency Allen, get a job in the meat plant located in Sydney through a friend. My work was pushing cattle which hourly paid 20.9 dollars.They told me it was the pay for third grade workers, and charged me $ 500 deposit which will be deducted from my wages.

    Work up to now, almost I have had to work overtime for half an hour every day , including Saturday, but I still have not received the pay for half-an-hour working

    overtime.Without pay for overtime in Saturday, I worked for 40.5 hours in total in a week.

    One day, the union came to the place where we worked, they provided some

    information with the right to work, but the agency warned us not to join the union.

    We are a group of helpless people, we just want to get back our right and enjoy

    the benefits of every worker had. We want to get the assistance, especially want

    unions can help us to get our right.

    Source(s): 我翻譯的大概是這樣吧...
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    For legal proceedings try to avoid: 幾乎每天, 有一天,



    她神日神時在神地方有誰在場 仲介警告我們,不能加入工會。都要記錄 醬才會贏!

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