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Rain, sleet & snow !!! ( american government)?

Government bureaucracy is covered. As you know, the most popular government corporation is the United States Postal Service. It seems that we can always count on mail being delivered 6 days a week through rain, sleet or snow! The economy has forced the post office to make some budget cuts. Since the post office is a government corporation, do you think the government should bail them out? Or should the post office look at other cost cutting alternatives such as eliminating Saturday delivery? The post office holds a special place in the hearts of so many Americans, however the economy dictates that tough choices need to be made. Another thing hurting the postal service is that companies such as Fed Ex and UPS are presenting massive competition. Finally, when is the last time you've written a letter or mailed bills? The biggest enemy may be the internet!

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    The postal service as much of a public necessity as the Marine Corps. Politics has stalled funding to the USPS, because of the hyperbolic time. When Congress is filled with reasonable folks again, the funding will be there. Can you imagine privatizing the military? I am surprised Ted Cruz and co. Haven't pushed for that idea

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