Civil engineering at the University of Michigan?

Hi, I am a junior at High school and I want to become a civil engineer at the university of michigan. Does anyone know what the requirements are to get in. Ex. ACT,GPA,. thank you very much.

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    7 years ago
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    There are no requirements besides the course requirements listed at Even these though aren't really that strict since you can still get around them as long as you write a convincing letter explaining why you were unable to fulfill them.

    With that said, your chances will be much higher if you have a really good GPA and ACT, along with strong course rigor, numerous extracurriculars, relevant leadership positions, awards, enthusiastic recommendations, etc.

    According to the university, the normal admitted student came in with an unweighted GPA between 3.7-4.0, an ACT score between 29-33 and a SAT score (if applicable) between 2030 - 2250. Of course these are not minimums, and GPA plus test scores are just two factors that will be considered among many. Hopefully you find this info helpful nonetheless.

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