Why were Davis and White's ice dancing scores higher than Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean's?

I'm an American, and I'm very glad that Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the Olympic gold medal for ice dancing.

But I remember Jane Torvill and Christopher Dean's two ice dancing performances from Sarajevo in 1984, when they blew the audience away by dancing to Rimsky-Korsakov;s "Capriccio Espagnole" in the short program. And then they stunned the audience the following night in the long program when they skated to Ravel's "Bolero".

Those two performances were the most amazing thing I've ever seen on ice, and probably the most amazing that I ever WILL see.

So I was a little bit surprised that Meryl Davis and Charlie White's two short program and long program scores were the highest two ever recorded. I assume that it was due to them being technically more perfect.

But, artistically, even though those two performances were very beautiful, they did not compare with Torvill and Dean.

So what's the deal?

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    7 years ago
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    Because they changed the scoring system in 2004. This was done after a judging scandal at the 2002 Winter Olympics.

    Torvill and Dean would have been judged on the old six point ordinal system, in which each judge would rate the performance in a scale of 0.0 - 6.0.

    Wikipedia actually has a decent explanation of the changes at link below.

  • 7 years ago

    You can not compare the two.

    They changed the way the score.

    They got a much higher score, because the scoring changed.

    Everyone get much higher scores

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