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Hair disaster !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Need help?

I had black hair and I bleached my hair in streaks (well my mum did) and she only bleached it halfway she didn't even make it to my scalp, I have black hair and it turned orange. I needed to get rid of that colour so I dyed it red because it was the only dye I had at the time then the next day I bought the blackest dye there was and dyed my hair black. But the black was a "blue black" and now my hair is super blue black and it clashes with my South Asian skin tone! So I want to get rid of the blue but I don't know how! and should I wait a few weeks to dye it again?

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    I would have warned you about overlapping hair dyes AND I would have told you not to use BLACK:


    Permanent black hair dye is linked to causing leukemia and lymphomas.

    I do not suggest you strip your hair there are more risks than some people think.

    HAIR STRIPPER GONE BAD too many chemicals:


    HAIR DYE stripper/REMOVER:


    You can try to fade some of that dye: How to LIGHTEN HAIR from hair dyes:


    It takes 20 years of bad hair days, for women to figure out what to do with their hair, and it takes 20 years of trying to fix it, using various hair products that can do more harm than good. It is part of a billion dollar business.

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    I experimented with my hair and I'm Asian too. Wait a few weeks and get a pro to do it. I decided to just flaunt my mess-up. I turned it blue, then purple, and now it's a mix of a bunch of colors where it was bleached. I only bleached the bottom half of my hair though, so the top layer is still black and covers it.

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    You should go to a hairdresser! This happend to me, I bleached my hair to dye it red and it turned orange. You can only out so much color onto your hair. It will stop "sucking it up" it won't absorb any more color. It will start to mud up, like mix together and look dirty. They can fix it easy. It's better than having a worse hair disaster if you keep layering more color on.

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