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感謝 20點~

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    《Song Title》:Slow burn


    《 Part Of Lyrics 》

    It begins with a dark glowing ember,

    something black burning it's way out of me.

    Searing the flesh,

    pain is the only thing I feel,

    scars all I see.

    Oh no the fire's burning my insides again,

    what can I do to silence my desire tonight?

    Flames consuming reason leaving only ashes left

    you will catch me for regretting my decision,

    I can't keep telling myself what I want to hear,

    I can't just close my eyes.

    I know that it's killing me,

    and it's poisoning the best in me,

    but I say, I don't want to believe.

    what I see, I don't want to believe.

    So let me tell you more (tell you more)

    about the lies I lead.



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