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action and motion

常聽到action movie





Louis 大大:

which 前面為什麼要加in


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    The simple way to distinguish "motion" and "action" is:

    "motion" is a process

    "action" is the actual doing

    In a word, moving doesn't necessarily mean making a move ! (take a look at Newton's 1st law of motion)

    Since you mention about "機械結構的"動作"那麼用motion對嗎", let take the Newton's 3 laws of motion as an example:

    1st Law of motion (law of inertia): if the total external force is zero, then whatever is moving will move at a constant velocity, otherwise, it will stay motionless. In this law, it talks about motion.

    2nd law says, if the total external force is NOT zero, then the object will move with an acceleration proportional to the force. It talks about action.

    Now, let's go back to your question: 機械結構的"動作"那麼用motion對嗎?

    The answer is, "yes" or "no". If you ONLY want to describe the movement of a mechanism then YES.

    If you want to describe the cause of the movement, then NO.

    In a subject called "Dynamics" (usually is studied by Mechanical Engineering or Physics major). It separates into Kinetics and Kinematics. Where Kinematics studies only the motion, and Kinetics studies the relationship between motion and action.

    In a word, action is the cause of a motion, but motion doesn't always need action.

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    My explanation is based upon the Physics. Master AP's saying is based up "purpose" or "will".

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    let take the Newton's … => let's take the Newton's …

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    My description of Newton' law of motion is in my own word. For the exact statement, you shall refer to your Physics textbook.

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    Its actions are incomprehensible. 強調她"有主動意志的行為"

    Its motions are incomprehensible.強調她"沒有主動意志的動作"

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    An action movie is a film in which a lot of dangerous and exciting things happen.

    A motion picture is a film made for cinema.


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    A lot of dangerous and exciting things hapen in the film.

    in whch = in the film = 在電影裡面

    which = the film

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    If someone sets the wheels in motion, they take the necessary action to make something start happening.

    If a machine or device is in operation, it is working.(在運作中)

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