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exercising a alaskan klee kai?

would this be enough or is it to much.

i will walk to the park which is like 10 minutes away while at the park let him run around without a lease for about 30 minutes includding playing fetch and then walking home another 10 minutes or like walk for 1 hour go home and just play in my back yard. i will also be training him nearly everyday for about 20 minutes or something.

can i also walk him like 20 minutes in the morning 20 minutes off lease in the park and then 20 minute walk at night along with training.

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    Klee Kais needs 2+ hours of exercise for at least a straight hour at a time. 20-30 minutes is just a warm up, if you only exercise him short intervals it only get him riled up. And he needs to be able to run!

    Problem Number One with your workout: You can never never let a Klee Kai off leash unless you are in an enclosed fenced area (like a dog park or a backyard). Klee Kais are just like huskies and love to run run run. If they find something to chase, they will ignore your calls and chase on instinct. The breeder that I got my puppy from tells me that there are way too many sad stories of Klee Kais getting hit and killed by cars because the owner let them run around unleashed.

    I can never let mine be outside in the backyard by herself because she tries to eat bees and she finds new ways to climb our 6ft fence so she can chase cats (I live next to a cat lady -.-). So I can never let her hangout in the backyard while I'm at work.

    The more import thing is that you didn't state how long you would be away from the dog. How many hours will he be alone for? This is just as important as exercise as he will get bored waiting for someone to play with. He will find other things to do like pull up your carpet, howl, open drawers and cabinets, chew furniture, and plan escapes because he saw a cat he wants to chase.

    My schedule for my Klee Kai (I work 8hrs a day but only live 5 minutes away from work):

    Morning: 1 hour of running around and fetch in my backyard before I leave for work. If the weather is nice I take her for a 30min walk and then a 30min session of fetch and running around the backyard. Before I leave she gets two puzzle toys filled with various treats. This keeps her occupied and active throughout the day.

    Afternoon: Roommate gets home and lets her run around the backyard while she works in the garden for about an hour.

    Late-Afternoon: I get home, play chase, fetch or take her for a walk for about an hour before dinner.

    Night: After she gets fed I go through her list of tricks she's learn and play some more fetch for 30 minutes to an hour.

    So by 7pm, she's already passed out asleep on my bed. So on average she gets about 3 hours of exercise a day.

    If its a weekend, I take her to either the dog beach or dog park for 1 to 2 hours plus fetch and walking during various points of the day.

    Everything that a Husky is, that's what a Klee Kai is. Smaller dog does not mean less work. I find that Klee Kais have more energy than Huskies as they don't have the body mass and weight to help wear them down (50lbs versus 15lbs??). You can pretty much never over exercise them, you will know if they are tired.

    Also, if this is your first dog, I would NOT recommend a Klee Kai.

    Source(s): Own a 2yr-old female Klee Kai, plus other dogs and pets.
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