What medicines and aid kits to bring for jungle trekking?

My boyfriend is starting his first job and he's going to be in the jungle for a week. So I was thinking of preparing him medicines and all the stuff he needs if something happens. can you guys help me please?

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  • 7 years ago
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    Tweasers and magnifying glass for thorns and stingers.

    Anti-itch (cortizone) cream.


    He should always have a good knife and the means to sharpen it.

    It has been said that any problem you can't solve with a bandanna and duct tape, you don't need first aid, you need a helicopter.

    I assume his employer will have thought of and prepared necessary first aid stuff. It's not like he has to survive on his own for a week.

  • 7 years ago

    Your boyfriend will need to get prescription antibiotics from a physician. Your boyfriend will need to get vaccinations relevant to his destination. You may want to buy medical evacuation insurance for him.

    You could purchase a water purifier for him.

    You could pack aspirin.

    You are not going to have access for any anti-venom.

    You need to be specific concerning which "jungle" he will be traveling, since the region affects the hazards.

    Survival essentials in gear are fairly universal:

    In my pockets, I always carry a pocket knife and fire starter, tissues or lint packets, along with several bandages in my wallet. Although reception does not exist in many gulches, I carry a cell phone that usually functions above tree-line.

    In my daypack, I have compression sacks that hold my down jacket, heat packs, windbreaker, and down mittens or lighter gloves. I carry a second fire starter and two headlamps with extra batteries. I pack trail snacks, such as cheese, nuts, and rice chips. Attached by carabiner, I have at least two water bottles, sunglasses, reading glasses, and global positioning system. On most hikes, I also carry a water filter.

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    Whatever you put together make sure he has DEET bug repellant.

    First aid kits how to choose,


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