If im suppose to recieve a payroll direct deposit will it show as a pending ach file the night before?

I'm suppose to receive dd through td bank and they said there was no pending ach file meanwhile I'm suppose to receive the dd tomorrow morning. I asked the td bank employee if it should show up and she wasn't very helpful.

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    I've worked with ACH payroll in the past and the banks don't usually show it until it hits your account.

    Usually the banks batch the data files anywhere from Tue to Thu and will automatically process any payroll that's payable on Fri that morning. It could be anywhere from 12:01am to 10:00am Friday. Depends how busy their night processing is and if they have any problems. This is all done on large Mainframe computers.

    If your normal payroll is Fri your employer will usually send the file(s) on Mon or Tue depending on when they process their payroll. The bank will accept it, pre-process it for errors then schedule it for processing depending on the dates in the header record(s). This is all automatic. Banks then process it usually the same day early in the morning.

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