Latest version of Yahoo Mail?

I have suddenly lost automatic loading of my email contacts and adding attachments without a long manual process. Printing also wastes paper even when I select a one-page print. This was all good before last weekend?

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    7 years ago
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    We've received similar reports from other users and it appears to be an issue with Internet Explorer's "compatibility view" feature.

    This feature is forcing users into the Basic Yahoo Mail view. Basic mail is a version of Yahoo Mail that provides basic email functionality like reading and writing email.

    Internet Explorer users have reported issues with the following Yahoo Mail features:

    * Font size or type options (formatting toolbar)

    * Missing images when forwarding

    * View & Settings menu

    * Contact lists and notes

    * Photo slideshow

    * Autocomplete of contact email addresses

    * Spell-check

    * Messenger

    * Calendar

    * Notepad

    * Themes

    To correct this, you'll need to switch to the full featured version of Yahoo Mail, which is not supported in "compatibility view":

    "Fix problems caused by Internet Explorer's Compatibility View"

    "Switch between basic and full-featured Yahoo Mail"

    If you are still unable to view the full featured version of Yahoo Mail, you can try using the troubleshooting steps in this help article:

    "Fix browser and feature problems on Yahoo"

    You may also consider switching to a different free Web browser that may provide a better Internet experience for you:

    "Web browsers supported by Yahoo"

  • 7 years ago

    This happened to me when my IE upgraded to 11. You can either click the gear, upper right, then click on compatibility view and add yahoo. Make sure and uncheck the use Microsoft list and the view intranet sites in compatibility view. Close out of everything and then try. At least this is what has worked for me.

    Or uninstall 11. That's what I did.

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